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Individual Psychotherapy

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Is anxiety keeping you from living your fullest life? Have unhealthy relationships caused problematic patterns that keep you from building meaningful, positive relationships? Does past trauma haunt you and continue to interrupt your sense of hope, confidence and sense of well-being?

Your individual psychotherapy will address these issues and more. With your therapist, you will develop a treatment plan based in empathy and nonjudgemental affirmation of who you are and your unique goals. We use an integrative, individualized approach drawing from relational, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, strengths-based and trauma-focused therapies.  Learn More

Couples Therapy

Do you and your partner have trouble communicating? Would you like to gain insight into your relationship and feel closer to one another?  Would you like to develop practical skills within your partnership to improve the quality of your relationship?

Relationships are an integral part of our lives and they are not always easy. Sometimes the tools that seem like they should be natural actually take learning and practicing in a safe place. Your work with your therapist will focus on developing the connection between you and your partner to improve your relationship satisfaction.

Family Therapy

Does your family struggle to resolve conflicts in a productive way? Do problematic relationship dynamics affect your family as a whole? Would you like to improve communication and problem-solving skills so you can spend more time enjoying being together? 

Our sessions will address the challenges that keep your family from feeling connected and thriving as a unit. Think of your family as a machine with different parts. Each part has a role, responsibilities, and unique connections to other parts. When there is a change or disruption in any part of the machine, the whole system is impacted.  Our therapy sessions will help you gain insight into your family dynamics, both positive and negative. From there you will develop new strategies for fostering healthy communication, problem-solving and improving your family life. 

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